Mildred (Midge) Diener
Watercolorist Landenberg, PA

Midge has always loved art and has pursued painting in many ways. She was accomplished at Tole and Decorative painting but wanted to create original works. Oil painting was explored for a short time but loved the flow of watercolor and decided to pursue that medium.

Midge pursued becoming a watercolorist in Sept. of 1987, where she trained at a Darlington Arts Center. She had to stop after a short period when her husband came down with cancer. After his passing and her remarriage she started to hunger to paint again. In September of 2002 she decided to continue her painting. She trained under very contagious teachers including several at the Community Arts Center in Media. Midge continues to pursue her love of watercolor. She loves painting local scenes where she lives in Landenberg, PA.

Professional associations include the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, The Art League of Delaware County, The Artistís Guild of Delaware County and Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts. She has shown at the Media Arts Festival, Rose Tree Park, Philadelphia Arts Festival and New Castle Art On The Green. She also sold several pieces at Hardcastles Gallery in Delaware.

Midge loves the process of painting and hopes that her work conveys the emotion and love for watercolor.



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